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Balancing of hormones = Bliss

Through a chance meeting (or, divine intervention) ten years ago, I was introduced to Leilani Tejada (owner of Optimal Natural Health) and the concept of natural solutions to women’s health issues.   Leilani has been a pioneer in the field of natural hormones since the 80’s, leading the cause to get women off synthetics.  I have witnessed the powerful (and often tearful) testimony of women who use her products.  In particular, Leilani’s Bliss Cream has gained popularity and loyal followers with women across the country.  I’m one of those followers. 

 I highly recommend Bliss Cream for the treatment of irregular and painful cycles, as well as, for balancing the body of women who are without a cycle.  It has helped dear friends of mine ovulate naturally, without having to resort to clomid.  I like it more than your typical OTC progesterone cream because of the addition of antioxidants.  Plus, Bliss contains natural ingredients that stimulate your body to produce hormones on its own.  Post-partum, Bliss helped me to get back on track in every way. 

Hormones are a powerful force in one’s body.  Balance them naturally and you will feel the joy of BLISS! 

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